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Reverse Repos

Daily auctions by the Federal Reserve where the Fed borrows money from dealer counterparties, draining liquidity from the banking sector.

These overnight loans provide a safe place for banks to park money and guarantees a return.

Central Bank Speeches

Mario Vella: Leveraging better our current economic success

Daniel Mminele: Macroeconomic policy and financial risks - from 2017 into 2018

David Ramsden: Monetary policy from end to end - define, decide, deliver

Jens Weidmann: Monetary union - ever a work in progress? The euro area torn between the Maastricht framework and fiscal union

Andreas Dombret: To count or not to count - the future of internal models in banking regulation

Haruhiko Kuroda: Innovation and the future of finance

Javier Guzmán Calafell: Reformulating monetary policy in emerging markets and the need for macroeconomic policy coordination

Már Guðmundsson: Monetary policy - achievements and challenges

Ignazio Visco: Digital transformation of the retail payments ecosystem

Luigi Federico Signorini: How financial systems work - evidence from financial accounts

Fabio Panetta: Cyber security - the balance between cooperation and regulation

Andreas Dombret: Too little, too much, or just right? Reforming banking regulation after the financial crisis

Yutaka Harada: Economic activity, prices, and monetary policy in Japan

Mark Carney: Turning back the tide

Yves Mersch: Digital transformation of the retail payments ecosystem

Andrew G Haldane: Everyday economics

Haruhiko Kuroda: Asian financial markets - 20 y since the Asian Financial Crisis, and prospects for the next 20 years

Hiroshi Nakaso: New frontier of macroprudential policy - addressing financial institutions' low profitability and intensified competition

Ed Sibley: Innovation and insurance in Ireland - a supervisory perspective

William C Dudley: The evolving structure of the US treasury market

Stephen S Poloz: Release of the Financial System Review

Claudia Buch: The Deutsche Bundesbank's 2017 Financial Stability Review

Andreas Dombret: What's the state of play in Germany's banking sector?

Lael Brainard: Where do consumers fit in the Fintech stack?

Lael Brainard: Regional food systems and community development

Criminal Activity

Attorney General Sessions Delivers Remarks Announcing 40 New Assistant United States Attorney Positions and Two New Violent Crime Task Forces

United States Attorney Jessie K. Liu Delivers Remarks on the Department of Justice Announcing 40 New Assistant United States Attorney Positions and Two New Violent Crime Task Forces

Member of Cowboys Gang in South Carolina Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for RICO Conspiracy

Two Texas Fishermen Sentenced for False Statements to Law Enforcement Agents

Attorney General Sessions Announces 40 New Assistant United States Attorney Positions and Two New Violent Crime Task Forces

Former Florida State Health Care Administration Official Sentenced to More Than Four Years in Prison for Accepting Bribes

Two Brothers Sentenced to 21 Months and 16 Months in Prison for Illegally Trafficking Threatened Alligator Snapping Turtles

Maryland Chiropractor Convicted of Filing Fraudulent Tax Returns and Obstructing the IRS

Department of Justice and Department of State Launch Intellectual Property Law Enforcement Coordinator Network

Attorney General Sessions Delivers Remarks at the FBI Graduation Ceremony

DaVita Rx Agrees to Pay $63.7 Million to Resolve False Claims Act Allegations

2017 Southeast Regional Animal Cruelty Prosecutions Training Held at Valdosta State University

Former Suzuki Employee Sentenced For Submitting False Report to EPA

Maine Harvester Enters Guilty Plea, Maine Dealers Sentenced for Illegally Trafficking American Eels

Deputy Assistant Attorney General Barry Nigro Delivers Remarks at The Capitol Forum and CQ's Fourth Annual Tech, Media & Telecom Competition Conference

West Virginia Business Owner Pleads Guilty to Failing to Pay Employment Taxes

Bloods Gang Member Sentenced for Federal Racketeering and Drug Offenses

Two Los Angeles-Area Managers of Foreclosure Rescue Companies Convicted for Roles in Mortgage Fraud Scheme

Louisiana Return Preparer Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison for Filing Fraudulent Tax Returns

Owner of New York Wholesale Food Distributor Indicted for Obstructing the IRS, Filing False Tax Returns, and Structuring